Tarps can be used for many things such as covering a renovated vehicle that you are working on. Tarps can be very cheap, versatile and efficient for the job that you want it to do. There are many different kinds of tarps that a person can purchase. The most common ones that you can find are the poly, vinyl and canvas ones. But, how do you decide which one is the best for your restoration project? Keep reading to get an understanding of some of the tarps that can be purchased. The polytypic of the tarp is one of the lowest cost tarps that you can buy. They are waterproof and probably one of the cheapest and best qualities that can be purchased for your dollar. This kind of tarp would be best for items that are just lying around your house in the yard. They are great for very small loads and they can also be great for putting up and shading certain areas. They are not, however, the best kind of tarp for a restoration project or fully restored automobile.

The Vinyl tarp that you can purchase is one of the best ones. They are made of the strongest materials and they can be the most durable ones. They are, however, heavier than the poly tarp. There are two basic types of vinyl tarps that one can purchase. They are coated and they are laminated. PVC vinyl tarps are great for covering things such as boats, trailers, and especially restoration cars. They are great for keeping them really safe for long periods of time such as winter when the weather can get bad. The canvas tarp is one that is kind of in between the vinyl and the poly. Canvas tarpaulins are made from duck cotton and wax impregnated. It is one that is breathable and it allows moisture to escape from under the tarp. It is a tarp that should be considered for covering newly restored cars as it is very soft in texture. Furthermore, it will stop the build-up of condensation, mold or mildew. Another tarp to consider for car restoration is the clear tarp, especially if you make a temporary structure to work underneath. This method of protection will enable car restoration to take place during periods of wet weather.

The types of tarps that are listed here are some of the most comprehensive and most suitable for car restoration. The Vinyl tarp or canvas tarp is the best one that can be used for any kind of restoration project. It is also the opinion of most people who want to restore a car. Take your time and do some research on the many features and benefits you can come with. Make sure to choose the one that fits your preferences the most. If you live in an area that is wrought with winter weather, you know what a nightmare it is to own a vehicle during a storm. Salt, runoff water, and mountains of snow from the plows can wreak havoc on the exterior and internal systems of both new and pre-owned cars. Keeping up with responsible care for your car can help keep the problems that come from winter storms at bay, and it doesn’t take much extra effort. Use these three quick and easy ideas for keeping your car running for years to come.

  1. Practice Good Tire Maintenance

Having tires rotated helps to reduce uneven wearing of the tread on tires, which can be important when driving on snow covered roads. Keep an eye out for balding tire tread ahead of winter storms so that you can be prepared for any surprise weather and can operate the vehicle safely over snow and patches of ice. Also, if you don’t have all-season tires, looking into getting special tires specifically for winter can also help keep your new or pre-owned cars handling the road safely during snowstorms.

  1. Store Your Vehicle in a Sheltered Area Ahead of a Storm

If you have advanced notice of an impending storm, it might be in your best interest to put your vehicle in a garage or shelter (even if you have to pay for it). Reducing the time that snow, salt, and water are sitting around it can help reduce wear and tear on the body frame and the paint. Though it may be a pinch on your wallet if you need to pay to park your vehicle in a garage, it can help reduce work that will need to be done to repair any damage caused by the weather, and that can pay off in the long run.

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is Tuned Up

If you’ve had pre-owned cars in the past, you know that the tradeoff of getting a great deal is that you inherit the history of the vehicle. Unfortunately, new cars are not fail-proof either, so it makes sense to be proactive before it’s too late to stop winter damage. Take your vehicle to a mechanic before winter and make sure all fluids are changed and that the system is running smoothly. Keeping a good eye on the health of your vehicle can prevent any surprise breakdowns that can leave you stranded on the road.

Practicing good upkeep on the ins and outs of your vehicle before any snowstorms can make sure it’s safe for the road, no matter the weather. Both new and pre-owned cars should be tuned up and given a thorough check-up before any abrupt or surprise weather comes your way to ensure a safe ride and prevent any surprise costs down the line. Taking action beforehand by treating your vehicle as an investment can make sure it lasts for years to come.

The first and most important rule of thumb is to maintain and service your car on a regular basis. All vehicle manufacturers generally set out a maintenance plan and will recommend full services either on a time or mileage basis. An oil change, for instance, should be conducted every 3 months or 3000 km, whereas the brake fluid probably needs a change after 2 years or 24 000km.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations

It’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter, even as far as using the suggested brand of oil. Drivers who choose a cheaper alternative may find themselves in hot water as the manufacturer is entitled to negate your warranty simply because you have not followed their recommendations. It’s imperative to keep all maintenance records in a safe place. These records are the only proof that you have consistently cared for your car and will be scrutinized by prospective buyers. The vehicle identification number (VIN) report is effectively the career resume of your car and will document everything pertaining to the motor vehicle from ownership to service records to its involvement in accidents. This MV-ID should be safeguarded at all costs; it is really the only proof you have that your car isn’t the proverbial lemon and without it, you may well battle to find a buyer.

Beware of corrosive sea air

In areas like Cape Town where the corrosive sea air can lead to rust, it is important to keep the car not only free of salt deposits but to polish or wax it on a regular basis. This protective coating will keep the colors vibrant and form a protective sheath over the entire vehicle. Don’t eat, drink or smoke in your car and never leave those small problems to be dealt with “at another time”. Park your car in a garage or under cover, avoid rough roads and drive sensibly and you may be surprised at the longevity of your new or used car. Reeds Motor Group offers the largest range of guaranteed affordable used cars in Cape Town and great deals on new cars too! Reeds are retailers of Opel, Isuzu, Chevrolet, Saab, Hummer, and Cadillac. The car is expensive  Many people take a long time looking into different cars and deciding which one they want before actually purchasing one, as it would be a shame to spend all that money and not be completely happy. Naturally, no one wants to wreck their car and therefore he or she try as best to take care of his or her precious car. The problem is that not everyone realizes just how careful they really have to be. It is not safe to keep a car outdoors unprotected. Nature can be extremely harsh and unmerciful when it comes to handling cars. Most weather conditions will completely wreck a car in no time.

So what should be done?

Car covers are an inexpensive, cost-effective way of protecting cars. There are various different types for different climates and weather conditions, but they all do the same thing at the end of the day; shield the car from nature’s destructive elements, and keep the car in pristine condition. Waterproof car covers will not allow any sort of rain, sleet or snow through and onto the car. Hence the car will be protected from getting any watermarks on the exterior. The acid in the rain will not eat away at the paintwork, and as a whole, the bodywork of the car will remain intact and not rust. It will also prevent the car from getting frozen over from the snow. When the brakes freeze, they do not work properly and could be extremely hazardous. Many covers are ultra-violet resistant and will filter the sun’s powerful rays. A car that is exposed to the sun is in danger of overheating and the internal workings of a car can be ruined as a result. It also makes the car far too hot and stuffy to drive. What’s more is that the ultra-violet will otherwise bleach the car’s exterior, fading the paintwork and making it colorless. Often when a car is left uncovered it is prone to getting little scratches and dents. This is due to the fact that wind tends to sweep up with it any rubble that has been left lying in the street. Therefore sticks and stones are suddenly flying through the air, and inevitable scratch and or dent cars as they fly past. This can be prevented by a 100% waterproof cover for corolla 2017. The cover is able to absorb the shock and the blow without leaving an impression on the car itself. There are many other protective components of car covers and they are often dependent on the type of cover. However, all covers can guarantee that the owner is saving himself money. If bot for covers, the car would lose it’s market value faster than necessary. The owner would have to spend lots on cleaning, polishing, and re-waxing, all of which is not needed when the car is covered, as the car cannot get to the state of needing the bodywork and repairs.

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